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Our People Make the Difference

The greatest motivating factor – to meet and exceed the needs of our customers – is   that our employees own a majority of the company’s stock. Wikoff Color Corporation is privately owned, and most of its stockholders are employees of the company. We benefit from highly-qualified outside directors on our board who make significant contributions to the professional management and planned growth of our company.

Our people are prepared to provide the best service in the industry by being more knowledgeable and better trained than the competition.

Individual Wikoff Color locations have a great degree of autonomy; therefore, when customers deal with local management, they are doing business with the people who make the decisions of how to best serve their needs.

Our salespeople are backed up by a strong local team which, in turn, is supported by a corporate team with specialized technical, financial and management capabilities. Our sales force is composed of both business and technical people who know they can expect to succeed only by helping customers make a profit.

Everyone in the company shares in the success or failure of all locations through our profit-sharing retirement plan. The employees of Wikoff Color Corporation are dedicated to supplying the best possible products and service available. We know that our future lies in the ongoing success of our customers.

Who We Are

Wikoff Color Corporation was founded in 1956, when Fred C. Wikoff, Jr. recognized two important needs in the printing industry: tailor-made inks to maximize pressroom efficiencies and highly technical, service oriented approaches to ink making.

Although technology in the industry has evolved tremendously over the years, these two needs have remained constant. Since 1956, we have innovatively met our customers’ needs both on and off the press. Our product lines run the gamut of the major printing processes: litho, flexo, and gravure, as well as functional coatings, energy curable products and specialty items.

Printing is a challenging business, and print buyers are demanding. That is why we develop an ongoing, consultative relationship with our customers – helping them solve problems, gain advantages over their competitors and become more profitable.

Leading Edge Technology

Wikoff integrates the latest technology and the skills of highly-trained professionals to provide expertly-researched and tested products. Our degreed chemists and graphic arts professionals work closely with highly-skilled, pressroom-experienced ink technicians. This talented team allows us to utilize the latest technology and provide fast, practical solutions to printing problems.

Along with the most advanced analytical equipment, the latest energy-curable technology is available in the Wikoff Color Tech Center, including Ultraviolet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) curing units.

In our Corporate Training Center, employees are educated in the latest technologies. The Training Center offers both academic instruction in a classroom environment and applied education, whether on press or in an ink lab.



Wikoff Color Corporation is a manufacturer of printing inks, varnishes and coatings for the graphic arts industry. Our driving force is the type of products and services we offer. We are committed to the continual improvement of the quality of our products and services to meet customers’ needs.

We primarily manufacture tailor-made products which require tight specifications and the highest levels of quality and consistency. Our people are prepared to provide the best service in the industry by being more knowledgeable and better trained than the competition.

Ongoing consultative relationships are developed with our customers in which we help them solve problems, gain advantages over their competition, and become more profitable.

We are a privately-owned company with the majority of our stock owned by employees. We are a team and people are our greatest strength. Providing ongoing training and encouragement of employees’ involvement is crucial to our success.

Growth will continue to be achieved by expanding to new locations and developing new products and technology to better serve the needs of our customers. Long-term profitable growth will be our emphasis rather than short-term profits.

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